Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our guest with the most authentic Greek experience outside of Greece!

Authentic Greek Food

We are a family style, friendly, casual restaurant. You can dine in, take out, and for your convenience we offer fast local delivery. At our restaurants our mission is to provide our customers with great hospitality, the best quality of food

Our Chef

Georgios Gkouveris has been in the restaurant industry for most of his life. He grew up in his family’s restaurant in his hometown of Sparta, Greece where he learned about traditional Greek cooking and customer service. Although Georgios earned a Certificate in Culinary Arts, he continues to be inspired by his mother’s traditional recipes. After years of dedication in cooking he developed new and exciting dishes that people love. Georgios believes in making homemade, fresh, amazing food that tastes great. That is why he strives to keep the same quality in all of our restaurants.


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Whether you choose to dine-in or dine-out, you will always receive the same authentic Spartan experience

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